Relationship Counselling: Not Just For Bad Patches

It's increasingly common for couples to make use of relationship counsellors, but many feel it's a last resort; they see it as something to do if your partnership is on the rocks or only useful at times of extreme crisis. In truth, almost any couple could benefit from a few sessions of relationship counselling with a professional therapist, and here's why. #1: You'll end up feeling closer to your partner than ever before.

Psychologist: An Introduction

This article answers some questions about visiting a psychologist. Read on to discover more! What kind of problems do psychologists treat? Psychologists can help with a range of different problems, such as: Low self-esteem Relationship difficulties or stress within your family Anxiety and/or depression Eating disorders How do I know if I need to see a psychologist? It's important to remember that everyone experiences difficult times in their lives and talking through these issues with someone can be very helpful, either on your own or with the support of loved ones.

3 Ways Counselling Can Help Overcome Social Anxiety

Social anxiety, or social phobia, is a condition that affects approximately 3% of Australians every year. While it is normal to feel anxious in certain situations, some people become overwhelmed by more mundane circumstances. For instance, the thought of eating at a public restaurant is enough for a person with extreme social phobia to rethink their lunch. Notably, social phobia can start during childhood or adolescence and can continue well into adulthood.

Could It Be the Right Time to See a Psychiatrist? See the 3 Signs That Indicate So

Life has many facets, and one of them is that it has challenges. Although you may have control over some, others are quite inevitable. When you face challenges that seem to be quite overbearing, you may not see anything good about life. Whether it's overwhelming anxiety or loss of a loved one, they may easily leave you depressed or with some serious mental problems. And since mental issues can affect your overall health in a big way and even degrade the quality of life, you may need to see a psychiatrist early.

The Need for Gender Counselling Services

Counselling and therapy are well-established processes for helping individuals deal with and heal many long-term emotional and psychological issues. Whilst there can still be some reluctance about the role of counselling for some people, most health professionals recognise it as a valuable tool for helping a wide range of individuals. Counselling services Counsellors should be professionally trained and quite often are psychologists as well, although this is not always a prerequisite.

5 Tips for Getting Your Relationship on Track After an Affair

If you and your partner have decided to stay together after one of you has had an affair, marriage counselling can help with some of that process. The following tips can also help. 1. Seek a Skilled Marriage Therapist To get the most of your marriage counselling, look for a therapist, psychologist or other professional who has experience with relationship infidelity in particular. Also, look for a good match — remember, you can 'fire' your therapist, and in some cases, you may need to test drive a few of them.

How To Find A Counsellor Who Understands Your Sexual & Gender Identity

Finding the right counselor for depression is tough no matter who you are--but if you're transgendered or non-binary, your relationship style is non-monogamous or otherwise unconventional, you're gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual or on the asexuality spectrum or you fall outside of the accepted 'norm' in other related ways, it can feel like an even more difficult task. Counsellors who aren't experienced in this area can misinterpret your identity as a symptom, or leave you needing to spend large amounts of your limited time together making explanations.

Why couples should seek out the help of a counsellor for their relationship issues

Virtually all couples go through 'rough patches', during which they struggle to maintain a healthy, happy relationship. Whilst it's perfectly normally for romantic partners to have the occasional argument, constant bickering may be cause for concern.  In such cases, the couple may benefit from the services of a counsellor who specialises in relationship problems. Here are two specific ways in which a counsellor can help a couple to get their partnership back on the right track.