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Relationship Counselling: Not Just For Bad Patches

It's increasingly common for couples to make use of relationship counsellors, but many feel it's a last resort; they see it as something to do if your partnership is on the rocks or only useful at times of extreme crisis. In truth, almost any couple could benefit from a few sessions of relationship counselling with a professional therapist, and here's why.

#1: You'll end up feeling closer to your partner than ever before.

The counselling room allows you and your partner to carve out the time and space you need to truly connect with each other, facilitated by a compassionate expert who knows how to guide the conversation. This can be especially useful in relationships where one person is by nature a better communicator than the other; your therapist will help you to level the playing field and teach you both how to share and listen in a productive, caring way. As a result, you'll learn new things about each other, and the experience is bound to bring you closer together, no matter what stage your relationship is at. Many couples find this especially useful at times of transition such as moving in together, getting married or having a baby; these are periods of great change and development for you both.

#2: You'll learn how to prevent problems before they start.

All relationships ebb and flow, and even the most loving and connected of couples will occasionally hit a rough patch. It's not inevitable that these will do damage to your relationship, however! Counselling can help you figure out if there's anything that might be brewing and tackle it head-on as a team before either of you start to feel as though there's a serious issue. Even if there's nothing on the horizon, you'll pick up the skills you need to deal with whatever the future holds with consideration and love.

#3: You'll find it easier to go back if a serious issue does arise.

Broaching the topic of couples therapy can be difficult in the middle of a crisis. If something big is happening in your relationship and you feel in need of outside help, counselling can make all the difference, especially if both partners are on the same page and they're both willing to engage with the process. This can feel scary and overwhelming at first, especially for people who haven't been to see a counsellor or therapist before. By spending some time in couples counselling while the proverbial sun is shining, you'll make it easier to discuss going back should the rain start to fall. You'll also have had a chance to learn about how you work with your therapist, making it more straightforward to reach out to them and request to schedule a new appointment.